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4130 alloy steel alternative Round Bars

FLEXOR® steel is an alternative for the following common alloy steels:

Pennsylvania Steel offers FLEXOR® steel in round bars. FLEXOR® provides similar, if not superior, mechanical and chemical properties to many alloy and tool steels. Designed to provide superior strength and wear properties, FLEXOR® exhibits more uniform hardness through any cross section of material, ensuring excellent fatigue and tensile strength characteristics. Due to FLEXOR'S unique alloy composition FLEXOR does not tend to work harden during machining, reducing residual stresses and making for more effective machining.

FLEXOR® steel is available in a range of alloys that provide an economic and high performing alternative to many popular steel alloys, including 8620, 9310, 1018, 4130, 4140 4150, 4340, 4330V and 6150.

Round Bar Dimensions

Pennsylvania Steel's round bars are available in lengths up to 18' and in diameters up to 23". We offer decarb free cold finished, forged rounds and hot rolled bars. The advantages of using FLEXOR® round bars include:

  • Consistent performance in high wear and high stress applications.
  • Excellent mechanical properties especially where toughness is required.
  • Versatile under a variety of heat treatments including, carburizing, through hardening, or nitridiing.

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