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Alternative Alloy Steel Case Studies

In recent tests FLEXOR® has been compared to 4330V for high torsional loading and wear resistance in the Oil and Gas Drilling Industry. FLEXOR has proven to have high toughness even in elevated hardness (40+HRC). In a typical mud motor previous drive shafts were known to have abrupt failures causing down and additional tooling issues. The FLEXOR drive shaft bent and kept performing until it was discovered on a routine maintenance evaluation.

In the closed die forging business a tough supportive wear resistant bolster in required to support the millions of cycles and excessive cyclic tonnage loads. FLEXOR has been unsurpassed in the carburized condition at withstanding heavy loads and wear resistance.

The Performance Racing Industry is finding FLEXOR to be an excellent alternative to other higher alloy more costly alloys such as 300M and 9310. FLEXOR has been used in transmission components by many well known manufacturers where toughness and strength are paramount.

FLEXOR® Steel Testimonials

"At Powerhold we use Flexor exclusively on all our special design work-holding Diaphragms. The performance and machining quality of Flexor is superior to anything we have utilized in the past."

"Todays customer demands a quality product that performs consistently...Flexor enables us to meet that goal every day."

Stephen W. Brown, Purchasing Manager



"Just wanted to take a minute to say thanks.  I always receive my orders on time and without any complications.  I appreciate you keeping me so up to date on the order process through email, and the way the steel is cut and packaged so carefully.  Using your Product (FLEXOR) has increased standard tool life by as much as 25%-30%.  Thank you again for all you hard work.  I look forward to business with you again and again, it's always a pleasure!

Wes Alfonsi



"Pennyslvania Steel Corporation has been a valued supplier for our company going on two decades.  FLEXOR'S versatility and reliability have been extremely helpful to the products we manufacture. Due to to FLEXOR'S versatility at various hardnesses we are able to use it at 28-32 HRC, 28-32 HRC and nitrided, or through hardened anywhere between 42 and 50 HRC.  In our experience FLEXOR has superior machinability to other comparable steel grades especially in higher hardnesses.  We machine FLEXOR at 40 HRC and find this to be a key benefit to our manufacturing process.

Dave Shultz,

V P of Manufacturing

Adaptive Technologies a Kennametal Co.



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