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4320 Alloy Steel Bar Alternative

Superior Steel Alternative to

6150 Alloy Steel

Pennsylvania Steel Corporation offers an alternative to SAE 6150 alloy steel

FLEXOR® steel exhibits similar, if not superior, chemical and mechanical properties as those of 6150 alloy steel. These properties allow FLEXOR® steel to be used effectively for the demanding, high-stress applications that commonly utilize 6150 alloy steel, including Shafts, Gears, Pinions, Hand Tool Components, Tool Holders, Collets, Washers and other high wear Machine Parts. Being a proprietary grade, Pennsylvania Steel insures that all FLEXOR® heats meet a high quality vacuum degas electric arc furnace melt process in order to insure cleanliness, grain refinement and maximum reduction ratios.

6150 Alloy Steel Alternative

FLEXOR®'s consistent quality and adaptability in heat treatment allow for a wide range of physical properties that are more appealing than those of typical ASTM, AISI or SAE 6150 alloy steel. FLEXOR® has a higher core hardness, resulting in less distortion through heat treatment, minimal work hardening during machining and greater ultimate strength for high-stress applications. The use of Chromium, Molybdenum and Tungsten Carbides in FLEXOR®'s composition adds significant wear resistance to the steel, substantially increasing its life over 6150 alloys with similar Rockwell surface hardness. FLEXOR can be Flame Hardended or Induction Hardened with excellent results.

FLEXOR® steel is available in a variety of sizes and conditions. These include, but are not limited to, decarb free alloys, hot rolled rounds, peeled steel bars, ground and polished rounds, hot rolled flats, hot rolled plates, turned forged round and billet.

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