FLEXOR® Alloy Steel Alternative Manufacturer & Supplier

Alloy Steel FLEXOR Advantages

Pennsylvania Steel is proud to supply FLEXOR® steel as a superior alternative to 4130 steel, 8620 steel, 4340 steel, 4330V steel, 4140 steel, and many other common alloy steel grades. Pennsylvania Steel has supplied a large variety of industries. These include the Automotive, Oil and Gas Drilling, Forging, Warm and Cold Forming, Performance Racing, Powdered Metal, Die Casting, Machine Building, Tool Making, Work-holding, Transfer Systems as well as many others. With over 60 years of innovation and experience in failure analysis and problem solving in metallurgy and various steel applications, Pennsylvania Steel has become a valued partner to our customers in service and reputation.

Why Alloy Steel Flexor

FLEXOR® is developed as a superior or equivalent alternative for almost all of the alloy steels and some tool steels on the market today.
ISO 9001:2015 Certified

A superior alternative to 4140, 4130, 4150, 6150, 8620, 4340, 4330V, 9310 as well as 300M and H13.

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