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Performance Racing Alloy Steel

Pennsylvania Steel Corporation is proud of its reputation for providing superior steel and steel products to the performance racing industry. A pioneer in the development of alternative steel products for performance automotive applications, Pennsylvania Steel developed FLEXOR® to provide a steel alternative that would outperform or match the performance of existing steel alloys. FLEXOR® is a reliable and effective steel for use in high performance motors, drivetrain, and automotive components.

FLEXOR® a unique chemistry (Cr,Mo,W) provides high tensile and yield strength without sacrificing toughness. FLEXOR® carbides also offer significant wear resistance over other steels. In addition, FLEXOR® exhibits superior machining characteristics, making it ideal for precision components. It has outperformed or matched other alloy steels such as 8620, 4140, 4340 and 9310 in high performance, demanding applications.

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