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4130 alloy steel alternative Hot Rolled Steel Bars, Rounds, and Plates

FLEXOR® steel is an alternative for the following common alloy steels:

Pennsylvania Steel offers hot rolled bars, rounds and plates manufactured using our high quality steel alternative, FLEXOR®. All FLEXOR® heats are vacuum degassed electric arc furnace melted. Our finished hot rolled steel maintains the high fatigue, high strength and excellent machining properties that are unique to FLEXOR®. It is a cost-effective, high performing material for high stress, high wear parts.

Hot Rolled Steel Bars, Rounds, and Plates Applications

FLEXOR®'s hot rolled rounds, bars and plates are an ideal material for use in beams, frames, pipes and heavy wear motor parts. Its high fatigue and high strength properties ensure that parts manufactured using FLEXOR® can withstand the stress required of structural and high wear parts, even in demanding environments.

We stock our hot rolled steel products so that they will achieve 100% clean-up at the nominal sizes. Our experienced customer service representative can recommend the optimal stock size based on your finish size. If we don't stock your ideal size, ask about qualifying for us to stock this size in the future.

Contact Pennsylvania Steel Corporation today to learn more about FLEXOR® and its advantages over tool steel and steel alloys.

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