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HistoryPennsylvania Steel Corporation was founded in 1948 as our country was emerging from a world war and focusing its attention away from war production and back into the private sector. Pennsylvania was the leading state for steel production while Michigan was the leading consumer of alloy steels. In those days it was paramount to be located close to the primary customer base. Thus, Detroit as the automotive manufacturing hub,  also became the headquarters for Pennsylvania Steel Corporation and still serves as our corporate headquarters and primary service facility today.

In 1980 Pennsylvania Steel was one of the first steel service centers to move from manual bookkeeping and data control operations to a mainframe computer based system.

In 2002 Pennsylvania Steel was awarded ISO 9000:2008 status.

FLEXOR® was developed upon a unique concept. Can a steel be developed that could be machined to finished dimensions after it was already hardened? Even in the days of high speed cutting steels and before the advent of carbide the answer was a resounding, yes! Over several years a chemistry was refined to capture a multitude of properties including hardenability, machinability, wear resistance, and toughness. The outcome is a steel the world now knows as FLEXOR. Even though most of the demand for FLEXOR initially grew from the automotive industry in the Midwest FLEXOR can be found in a multitude of industries and thousands of applications in North America and Overseas.

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