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Pennsylvania Steel Corporation, a pioneer in the development of one of the first pre-hardened alloy steels - FLEXOR®, which has earned the reputation for providing a superior steel and steel products to a wide range of industries. Due to its unique chemistry, FLEXOR® exhibits properties that allow it to outperform or match the performance of comparable steel or steel alloys. These include high tensile and yield strength, significant wear resistance and superior machining characteristics when compared to steel alloys.

Oil and Gas Drilling

FLEXOR® steel provides high performance properties for mud motor components, couplings, bearing adapters and fasteners used in drilling applications. FLEXOR® is an excellent alternative to 4340, 4330 V mod, 4140, 9310, and 8620. GO >>

Tool Making

FLEXOR® is a superior alternative to most alloy steels, offering increased wear resistance, superior machinability and lower distortion than comparable alloys. It provides a high quality steel alternative for dies, tooling and tools. GO >>


FLEXOR® offers superior machinability and high tensile and yield strength, making it an ideal alloy for work holding fixtures and machine tools that require high wear resistance, strength and toughness. GO >>

Performance Racing

FLEXOR® is an ideal steel for drivetrain components for performance racing vehicles. It is a high strength, wear resistance material that performs well in demanding environments. Its superior machinability ensures that parts can be manufactured to precise tolerances for an exact fit. GO >>

FLEXOR® provides a high performing, durable alternative to most steel alloys, including 8620, 4140, 4340 and 9310. Pennsylvania Steel offers FLEXOR® as blanks, or can manufacture the finished part. Contact one of our inside sales representatives for a quotation.

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