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Quenched & Tempered Steel Flat Bars

FLEXOR® has several alternatives in the pre-hardened quenched and tempered condition. Four of our most common ranges are designated as:

  • FLEXOR Q&T (28-32 HRC)
  • FLEXOR M (38-42)
  • FLEXOR OW (43-46 HRC)
  • FLEXOR MX (47-49 HRC)

Off the quench FLEXOR will typically fall in the low to mid 50's HRC.

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FLEXOR® Specifications

  • Our Hot Rolled Flats (Quenched and Tempered) are supplied in maximum 6 ft lengths.
  • Bars are supplied in the ASTM straightness standard of 1/8" per 5 ft.
  • FLEXOR® flats can also be supplied in the De-Carb Free condition upon request including rough milled and Blanchard ground.
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Hardness Requirements

Far too often applications require more than a surface hardness. For over 30 years Pennsylvania Steel has been providing pre-hardened FLEXOR® blanks requiring a variety of mechanical properties. Pennsylvania Steel can provide a rough machined and heat treated certified blank guaranteed to reach maximum mechanical properties for each specific part. The letter designation following FLEXOR® is our way of coding for a prescribed target of mechanical properties without settling for just a surface hardness. For post-machining hardening just ask for FLEXOR®.

FLEXOR® Properties Chart

HRC 28-32 38-42 42-46 46-49 8-20
Brinnell Hardness 275-305 352-390 390-430 429-477 N/A
Tensile Strength (ksi) 147 183 220 245 N/A
Yield Strength (ksi) 134 171 201 213 N/A
Charpy Impact V-Notch (ft/lbf) 80 45 23 12 N/A

It is often necessary to provide a decarb free surface or rough silhouette prior to hardening to facilitate maximimum properties. Allow our experts to assist in providing the optimal prehardened blank to meet your needs.

Note: Mechanical properties are representative of samples while actual results may vary depending upon section size, heat treatment, stock size, reduction, etc.

Special hardness range available upon request.

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Comparing FLEXOR® to Other Steel Alloys

FLEXOR® is a unique steel which is neither a standard alloy steel nor a standard tool steel, though it is often mistaken for both. FLEXOR®'S unique chemistry allows it to be used in thousands of applications often as a superior alternative to other alloy or tool steels.

Click on a steel alloy to learn more about how FLEXOR® is the superior alternative:

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"At Powerhold we use FLEXOR® exclusively on all our special design work-holding Diaphragms. The performance and machining quality of FLEXOR® is superior to anything we have utilized in the past.

Today’s customer demands a quality product that performs consistently...FLEXOR® enables us to meet that goal every day."

Stephen W. Brown, Purchasing Manager

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