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4130 alloy steel alternative Steel Forged Rounds (Discs)

FLEXOR® steel is an alternative for the following common alloy steels:

FLEXOR® steel is available in forged rounds (also known as forged discs) for use in high wear manufacturing equipment. A high quality steel alternative, all FLEXOR® heats are vacuum degassed electric arc furnace melted. All finished FLEXOR® steel forged rounds / discs maintain the high fatigue, high strength and excellent machining properties that are unique to FLEXOR®. It is a cost-effective, high performing material for high stress, high wear parts.

Forged Round Steel Applications

Forged steel discs are used for high wear shafts and bars for mills, gear manufacturing, mining equipment and heavy machinery. Pennsylvania Steel offers forged rounds with rough or turned finishes. We use a production process that forges the steel from bottom poured ingots to maximize the reduction ratio and produce superior grain size and cleanliness, resulting in consistent desired mechanical properties. FLEXOR® is typically stocked in the normalized or annealed condition.

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