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flexor steel alloy alternative

Steel Finishes

Pennsylvania Steel Corporation's FLEXOR® steel is available in several finishes to provide you with production-ready steel alternatives for your applications. All FLEXOR® heats are vacuum degassed electric arc furnace melted. All our finished FLEXOR® maintains the high fatigue, high strength and excellent machining properties that are unique to FLEXOR® whether the alloy is cold finished, forged or hot rolled. It is a cost-effective, high performing material for high stress, high wear parts.

Alloy Steel Finishes

Decarb Free/Cold Finished Alloys

FLEXOR® cold finished steel retains its uniform hardness and superior strength, unlike many cold finished steel alloys. It does not exhibit the brittleness or stress that other alloys exhibit after cold finishing. FLEXOR® cold finished round bars are easy to machine, and do not require annealing or normalization before finish heat treatment. We offer ground and polished, turned and rough ground cold finished FLEXOR®. Go »

Forged Rounds

Pennsylvania Steel offers rough forged and turned forged rounds. Our production process forges the steel from bottom poured ingots to maximize the reduction ratio and produce superior grain size and cleanliness, resulting in consistent desired mechanical properties. FLEXOR® is typically stocked in the normalized or annealed condition.

Hot Rolled Steels

FLEXOR® offers hot rolled bars, rounds and plates. We stock our hot rolled products so that they will achieve 100% clean-up at the nominal sizes. Please provide your finish size so our experienced customer service representative can recommend the optimal stock size. If we don't stock your ideal size, ask about qualifying for us to stock this size in the future.

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