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4130 alloy steel alternative Decarb Free/Cold Finished Alloys

FLEXOR® steel is an alternative for the following common alloy steels:

FLEXOR® cold finished steel alloys exhibit excellent wear, strength and machinability properties. FLEXOR®'s unique composition ensures that it retains its properties throughout processing, providing versatility in heat treatment and finishing. As a result, we can provide sizes and surface conditions that are optimized for your application. It retains its core hardness and does not become brittle during cold finishing. FLEXOR® offers a high performing, economic alternative to many tool steels and steel alloys.

Cold Finished Steel Bar Dimensions

Pennsylvania Steel offers ground and polished, peeled turned alloys and rough ground alloys cold finished FLEXOR®. Each process removes the mill scale from the steel and provides the material in production-ready form for your specific application. We offer round bars up to 18' in length and 28" in diameter. We can cut and finish the bars to meet your exact requirements.

Ground & Polished

FLEXOR® can be ground and polished to a shafting microfinish standard with a typical tolerance of +.000/-.002.

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Peeled Turned

Peeled or turned FLEXOR® alloys retain their core hardness and do not become brittle during cold finishing.

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Rough Ground

FLEXOR® Rough ground bars are ideal for processes that require tight tolerances for the straightness and roundness of the raw material.

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