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Steel Chemical & Physical Properties

FLEXOR steel is both unique in its chemistry as well as its wide variety of properties. FLEXOR steel is a Chromium-Molybdenum-Tungsten alloy steel which exhibits a fine grain microstructure. All FLEXOR steel heats are a vacuum degassed, ladle refined, electric arc furnace melt (EAF & LF & VD). All FLEXOR steel is forged or rolled from bottom poured ingots. FLEXOR steel has a minimum ingot reduction ratio of 3.5:1.

FLEXOR steel's unique residual chemistry is a special blend that adds to machinability without sacrificing properties.

FLEXOR is typically stocked in an as rolled condition. This means that when FLEXOR is rolled or forged from an optimal reduction ratio and cools in open air from 1700 F a fine grain microstructure is formed. This also gives the bar a consistent toughness measuring 28-32 HRC throughout the bar.

It is important to note that FLEXOR steel does not need to be normalized or annealed prior to hardening from this condition. This makes FLEXOR extremely versatile especially when it comes to thermal treatments.

Steel Chemical Properties

Typical Chemistry Composition
C Cr Mo W Mn S Si P
.34 .85 .50 .50 .80 .015 .30 .015

Steel Physical Properties

Physical Properties
Density 7.543g/cm3 per ASTM B311
Specific Heat .16 Btu/lb/°F

Steel Mechanical Properties

Mechanical Properties Normalized 30 HRC 40 HRC 45 HRC
UTS(ksi) Per ASTM E8-04 135 147 183 225
YS 0.2% offset Per ASTM E8-04 104 134 171 205
V-Notch Charpy Impact Per ASTM E23-06 13 80 45 21
RA% Per ASTM E8-4 35 64 60 50
Elongation Per ASTME E8-04 14 21 18 12
Poisson's Ratio per ASTM E111-04 .282
Young's Modulus per ASTM E111 30900 (ksi)

Properties may vary depending on microstructure, grain size, chemistry, hardening technique and overall ingot reduction.

FLEXOR Jominey test

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