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Alloy Steel Tool Making

Pennsylvania Steel Corporation has earned a reputation as a supplier of a high quality alloy steel, FLEXOR®, for manufacturing alloy steel dies, tooling and tools. FLEXOR® steel has outperformed or matched other alloy steels such as 8620, 4130, 4340, 4140, 4140HT and 4150HT. FLEXOR® has a proven record as a superior steel for use in precision dies and tooling, producing accurate, durable, high performing tooling.

FLEXOR’s® unique chemistry (Cr,Mo,W) provides a wide range of physical properties that make it an excellent alloy for dies, tooling and tools. These include higher core hardness than comparable alloys, resulting in higher wear resistance and tensile strength without sacrificing toughness. FLEXOR® is resistant to distortion during quenching and tempering.

FLEXOR® is available as rounds, ground rounds, decarb-free, cold- and hot-rolled.

If you are interested in manufacturing from a certified blank or would like us to manufacture complete – please contact one of our inside sales representatives for a quotation.

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